Tesla Stopped Model Y Seven Seater in GTA

Tesla Model Y Seven Seater

Tesla Discontinues 7-Seater Option for Model Y in GTA Area and Canada

Tesla Stopped Model Y Seven Seater in Canada, the renowned electric vehicle manufacturer, has made a significant decision regarding the availability of the 7-seater option for its Model Y vehicle in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Canada. Tesla has decided to discontinue the 7-seater configuration for the Model Y in this region, thereby altering the range of choices for potential buyers. This development brings about changes in the lineup of Tesla’s offerings in the GTA area and in Canada, impacting customers’ options when considering the Model Y as their preferred electric SUV.

According to the Tesla Canada website, as of the latest update, there is currently a 32-car inventory for the Model Y Long Range in the GTA area. This limited inventory reflects the availability of the Model Y Long Range variant specifically. It’s important for interested customers to note that the 7-seater configuration is no longer part of the options available for purchase.

Tesla Seven Seater Availability
Tesla Model Y

In November 2020, Tesla launched a seven-seater option for the Model Y, catering to customers with larger families or those in need of extra seating capacity.

The seven-seater option came with an additional cost, typically around $3,000 to $4,000 CAD, depending on the market.

It is widely known that in early January, Tesla significantly reduced the price of the Model Y in Canada. The price was slashed from 79,990 CAD to 69,990 CAD, making it more accessible to potential buyers. Additionally, the Model Y is eligible for a federal iZEV incentive, which provides a rebate of approximately 5000 CAD for eligible customers, subject to availability. For Electric Vehicle Incentive please visit.

Furthermore, Tesla recently introduced the Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive variant, expanding the options available to customers. The base price for this configuration starts at CAD 59,990, offering an even more affordable entry point for those interested in the Model Y. For latest price Check here.

For detailed information on pricing, incentives, and availability, it is recommended to visit Tesla’s official Canada website. There, prospective buyers can find the most up-to-date details and specifications for the Model Y, ensuring they have accurate and comprehensive information when considering their purchase.

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What are your thoughts on Tesla’s decision to discontinue the seven-seater option for the Model Y in the GTA area? Do you think it will impact the appeal of the Model Y as a family-friendly electric SUV? Share your opinions and experiences in the comments below!”

Tesla Discontinues 7-Seater Option for Model Y in GTA Area and Canada

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