Many may not know this, but Shakira's full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll. Quite a long and unique name, isn't it

Shakira's talents extend beyond music - she could have pursued a career in psychology or astronomy. Were you aware of this?

Did you know Shakira's belly dancing skills are a family legacy - passed down from her Lebanese grandmother!

Did you know that Shakira doesn't have any vices? Despite being a superstar, she chooses to abstain from alcohol, coffee, and smoking.

Do you know Shakira is renowned for her natural beauty, as she has no tattoos and an unmarked canvas ?

Did you know that Shakira owns luxurious homes across the globe? From the Bahamas to Spain, she truly lives in paradise!

Did you know that Shakira prefers to perform barefoot during her concerts? She feels the rhythm from head to toe!

Did you know that Shakira and footballer Gerard Piqué have two sons - Milan and Sasha? It's a lovely addition to their beautiful love story